2011 Adriatic Cruise: Sea Day

dsc01104Another sea day, and today when I woke up at 5.45, I tried really hard to stay in bed and sleep, but no luck. Alan had a gym class at 8am, so he headed off to that, and I got ready for breakfast. Alan had the last of his bootcamp sessions, so I went to the gym with him. We’ve just returned from lunch at Bistro on 5, which has the best crepes and as Alan remembered, a pretty good English trifle too.

The sea is calm and the sky a vivid blue, no wind and warm temperatures. I sat on the balcony and just watched the sea, the horizon, the sky and felt present in that moment – I defy anyone to tell me that this is not relaxing and calming.  As are the massages at the Spa – I had another today, and zoned right out – very, very pleasant. At the end of the massage, I spent about 10 minutes in the Persian Gardens, which is like a hot room with heated loungers where you can relax looking out to sea. There’s also a sauna and an aromatheraphy room. Nice, but I had to get back to get ready for dinner, and unfortunately for me, that glorious feeling on the table seems to disappear very quickly once you close the door on the treatment room.

It was the last formal night tonight and we arrived at Blu to the sun setting right opposite our table. Beautiful, but it did get a bit hot – a quick signal to Valdimir had the blinds lowered a bit for us. As we walked on the deck after dinner, we noticed the ship swaying and the pool water swishing from side to side, which was interesting as the sea was totally flat. We were treated to the sun setting on one side of the ship and the moon rising on the other. Vivid orange on one side, cool pink and blue on the other side. We stopped and watched the sun set before heading back to the cabin with a cup of tea, and views of the moon from bed.

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