2011 Adriatic Cruise: Yes, more sea days

DSC00999compressedI like sea days. No imperative to rise except for the cabin stewards who have to make up the room at some stage, leisurely breakfast, some work, gym session, morning tea with pastries from Cafe al Bacio (yum), lunch, editing my photos, quick nap, massage, now waiting for dinner – while Alan watches the Rugby World Cup games for the second time today.

I wandered down to the shops today to see a sale of all things Venetian that was being held. The tables were being swamped by mainly women, while their spouses waited not so patiently off to the side, with that resigned look I remember seeing on my father’s face as he waited outside a shop for my mother. Women were grabbing those mirrors with a print on top that were not Venetian as far as I could see, and holding them against walls to get the opinion of their friends. They were being snapped up. I did buy another Celebrity Tshirt for the gym – the one I’m wearing is starting to complain.

The weather has taken a bit of a turn for the worse though – it was sunny, then raining and windy, then overcast for most of the day – cooler than previous days. Sounds a bit like Melbourne really. The sea is choppy, some whitecaps out there, and the ship has the feeling of being gently rocked to sleep in a cradle – or what I imagine that must be like. Subtle movement, not unpleasant.

It’s early evening, and I can see land again after most of the day being at sea, with our only friends the tankers that we pass. We have another sea day before we get to Cartagena in Spain, and I’m not complaining.

Dinner tonight was at the Tuscan Grill – beautiful food, but as with the other speciality restaurants, too much of it. I paced myself tonight though and didn’t leave with that stuffed feeling. Tuscan Grill is right at the aft of the ship, and you can see the wake from the engines – sounds weird, but that is quite mesmerizing too. Half way through dinner, the moon emerged from behind the clouds, so a nice end to the night.

DSC01000compressedNext morning. Okay, the gentle rocking of the cradle has morphed overnight into serious swaying. I heard Donovan, the waiter who has made a name for himself by his delightful tea and coffee serenade in the mornings at breakfast, tell another passenger that the winds are 50 knots and the seas around 20-24 feet.  It seems similar to the Tasman Sea crossing to New Zealand. We’ve just had an announcement to hang on to the hand rails (duh), and not go on the open decks.

When I wandered up to breakfast this morning, I could hear the ship was creaking as it moved from side to side. There were a few souls in the cafe and I enjoyed breakfast on my own reading The Age newspaper on my iPad while Alan watches Australia play World Cup rugby again – didn’t really want to be in the same room as him while that is happening, particularly if they are losing! By the time I was leaving, more people were there although far fewer than normal and the sound of the ship creaking had disappeared under voices. I missed it.

There were more people around at lunch, when the Captain announced that the weather would improve around 6pm tonight. We went to the gym after lunch to see if it still was open as Alan’s bootcamp had been cancelled – it was open but no one was there. We walked outside on Deck 12  where the gym is – that was fun…windy and since we were at the front of the ship, very ‘dippy’. It felt like the same weightless sensation you get in planes sometimes. Walking back to our cabin along the inside corridor, I am really glad our cabin isn’t at the front of the ship – the up, down, side to side movements are very strong here as we move from side to side along the hallway, in time with the ship’s movement.

I slept most of the afternoon away, and have just returned from dinner. There was another sale on tonight – perfume this time – and same situation as last time – mobbed by women, men waiting to the side. Headed back to the cabin where it’s clear that the seas have settled, but we are still rocking, thankfully less strong than earlier today.

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