2009 Melbourne Parks (MatadorU Assignment)

Wattle in Royal Park

Bessie and I dodge cars and trams as we creep across the four lanes of Flemington Road. The prospect of getting caught between two passing trams is a real one if I don’t keep looking both ways. Holding my breath to avoid the peak hour petrol fumes, I remind myself again that traffic is the […]

2009 Yes, I do cruise… (MatadorU Assignment)

You know how dogs tilt their head when you say something to them that they must not understand? That’s the reaction I invariably get when I tell people I enjoy cruising. “But, isn’t it boring?” they ask.  The next question is “How do you cope being cooped up on the ship?”  or “That’s for old […]

2009 Travel and me (MatadorU Assignment)

When I was clambering up the side of what our guide called a ‘hill’ in the Talkeetna Mountains in Alaska in 2004, I wondered if this travel thing was such a good idea. Being home curled up on my couch seemed a much better idea than puffing and panting my way to the top of […]