2011 Adriatic Cruise: Cadiz


I woke to the shudder of the engines at about 6.45am and could see that we were docking in Cadiz. Lying in bed, looking out the glass doors to the outside world is a lovely way to wake up. I quite like the engine vibrations – it’s a sign that something is happening, and I […]

2011 Adriatic Cruise: Sea Days


The first two days of the cruise are sea days which are always very relaxing. Even though there is some work to do, it doesn’t feel like work. Late breakfasts are required, and then doing nothing much – except of course exercise at the gym to balance out the food we are eating. Although we […]

2011 Adriatic Cruise: Embarkation


We had quite a leisurely morning this morning, apart from a 7am teleconference I had for work! We were booked on the 11.05 train from Waterloo to Southampton so headed to the station shortly after 10.15am. The hotel is a block away from the station, so it was a quick walk  up York Street, a […]

2011 Adriatic Cruise: Rome to London


We had our final breakfast at IQ Hotel Roma, and packed our bags. Our transfer with Rome Cabs to the airport arrived early so we gathered everything up and headed downstairs. A quick check out and we are on our way to the airport. But first, we have to deal with Rome peak hour traffic […]

2011 Adriatic Cruise: Rome Day 3


We were picked up at 9am for our day tour of Hardian’s Villa and Villa d’Este in Tivoli, which is about 30km from Rome. Our driver, Chris, kept us entertained all the way with stories of raising children and living and working in Rome – he came to Italy from France 25 years ago. We […]

2011 Adriatic Cruise: Rome Day 2


We had a tour of the Catacombs and  Underground Rome booked this afternoon, so headed out after breakfast to revisit the Pantheon. We walked along Via d. Quattro Fontane which led to an intersection where there were four buildings, each with its own sculpture and fountain. The footpaths are very narrow here, so taking photos required […]

2011 Adriatic Cruise: Rome Day 1


The bed here is big and firm, and kind to my back, so I had a good night’s sleep last night. Black out curtains help too.We headed up to breakfast on the fifth floor – the the top floor, where there was also a terrace. We were hoping that it was open to the rooftops […]

2011 Adriatic Cruise: Royal London 1


In all the times I have been to London, I’ve never been inside Buckingham Palace: sometimes because it was not open, other times because I didn’t think I wanted to see it. This time, I booked us tickets with Viator – with this arrangement, we had to pick up a voucher near Victoria Station, and […]

2011 Adriatic Cruise: Heading to London


Just a few hours now before we catch our flight to London to begin what will be the longest holiday I have ever had – 30 days. While working in organisations, I never took 4 weeks leave, usually 1 or 2 weeks – too much work would build up while I was away. With the […]

2011 Adriatic Cruise: Ready to Go

Bridge of Sighs, Venice

Less than two weeks to go now, and we are ready, except of course, for packing – my aim this time is to travel light, and wash often. Here is a map of the ports we will be visiting – the cruise starts and ends in Southampton, and turns around at Venice. And, while I’ve […]